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How To Be Classy In 3 Easy Steps

Stolen from MakeUseOf and then slightly edited. Click each of the links below: Step One: Rain Step Two: Jazz Step Three: Crackling Fireplace Use this at work and you can perpetually have the classiest sounding work-space the world has ever seen.

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Classy Nerdy Art

This week, I wasn’t able to find any really good Classy Nerdy Art. However, I have 2 ones that are pretty good, so here they are! Not the classiest this week, but still interesting different takes on the video game … Continue reading

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Canvas Wraps at Google Offers: A Cheap Way to Get Classy Nerdy Art

Google Offers: Galley-Wrapped Canvas Prints The link above will take you to Google Offers, a page similar to Groupon/LivingSocial where people give away deals in exchange for promotion. One of the more popular services I see is gallery-wrapped canvas prints, … Continue reading

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