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How To Be Classy In 3 Easy Steps

Stolen from MakeUseOf and then slightly edited. Click each of the links below: Step One: Rain Step Two: Jazz Step Three: Crackling Fireplace Use this at work and you can perpetually have the classiest sounding work-space the world has ever seen.

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Kraken Zoidberg: Just Plain Nerdy Art

I found this awesome picture of a Kraken version of Dr. Zoidberg. I think I may have found my next canvas print, although this is very nerdy, and not really classy at all. I really wish I knew where this … Continue reading

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Rocks in the Sink

One of the more recent trends in making yourself classy is by putting rocks in your sink. Since the first picture of the spa that did it hit the internet, putting rocks in your sink has been a great way … Continue reading

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Goldeneye 007 Watch for only $007?

Once in a while, we are lucky enough to find something that falls into all 3 of our categories, Young, Cheap, and Classy. Today, we hit the jackpot. Apparently, there is a deal going on over at Artscow where you … Continue reading

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How To Have A Good Lunch Without Spending Money: Lean Cuisine

Let’s face it, when you are young, you don’t want to make your lunch before work. That takes way too much time and effort, and if you aren’t great at planning, it can actually be very expensive. I found a … Continue reading

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Bioshock Canvas Art: Rapture Concept Art

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Canvas Wraps and how classy they were, and how often they can be found on things like Google Offers, Living Social, etc. I recently received my order, and here it is: I decided … Continue reading

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