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Video Game Art Piece: Starfox

Reddit user RekoZep has taken note of all the classy video game art pieces, and decided to matte, frame, and mount one of his own. His video game art piece is a Feudal Japanese take on the Starfox franchise. I … Continue reading

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Kraken Zoidberg: Just Plain Nerdy Art

I found this awesome picture of a Kraken version of Dr. Zoidberg. I think I may have found my next canvas print, although this is very nerdy, and not really classy at all. I really wish I knew where this … Continue reading

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Bioshock Canvas Art: Rapture Concept Art

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Canvas Wraps and how classy they were, and how often they can be found on things like Google Offers, Living Social, etc. I recently received my order, and here it is: I decided … Continue reading

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Classy Nerdy Art

This week, I wasn’t able to find any really good Classy Nerdy Art. However, I have 2 ones that are pretty good, so here they are! Not the classiest this week, but still interesting different takes on the video game … Continue reading

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Canvas Wraps at Google Offers: A Cheap Way to Get Classy Nerdy Art

Google Offers: Galley-Wrapped Canvas Prints The link above will take you to Google Offers, a page similar to Groupon/LivingSocial where people give away deals in exchange for promotion. One of the more popular services I see is gallery-wrapped canvas prints, … Continue reading

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Classy Nerdy Art

This week, our nerdy classy art comes from a combination of the classic video game Joust, made by Williams Electronics in 1982, and what appears to be an art textbook. The exact style of art eludes me, as I am … Continue reading

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Retro-Futurism: My Favorite Style

This s far and away one of my favorite styles. It is featured heavily in some of my favorite things (Futurama, Portal 2), and is just different enough to sneak away from steam-punk, accepted enough to have a lot of … Continue reading

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