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I am an SEO Specialist at First Scribe in Minneapolis, MN. I maintain youth while being an adult. Media, games, movies, happiness, music, life, class.

Video Game Art Piece: Starfox

Reddit user RekoZep has taken note of all the classy video game art pieces, and decided to matte, frame, and mount one of his own. His video game art piece is a Feudal Japanese take on the Starfox franchise. I … Continue reading

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How To Be Classy In 3 Easy Steps

Stolen from MakeUseOf and then slightly edited. Click each of the links below: Step One: Rain Step Two: Jazz Step Three: Crackling Fireplace Use this at work and you can perpetually have the classiest sounding work-space the world has ever seen.

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2-D Video Games Turned 3-D

I have been able to find a couple images online of 2-D video games that have been mocked up in a 3-D space. Reminiscent of Super Paper Mario, these screenshots take a new look at what is possible in the world of … Continue reading

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Simple Is Classy: Tetris

If there is one video game that has defied all barriers, it has been Tetris. Ever since it was first invented in the English county of Wiltshire somewhere between 3000-2000 BC (ref), stacking blocks on other blocks for a purpose has captivated us. … Continue reading

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Kraken Zoidberg: Just Plain Nerdy Art

I found this awesome picture of a Kraken version of Dr. Zoidberg. I think I may have found my next canvas print, although this is very nerdy, and not really classy at all. I really wish I knew where this … Continue reading

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Rocks in the Sink

One of the more recent trends in making yourself classy is by putting rocks in your sink. Since the first picture of the spa that did it hit the internet, putting rocks in your sink has been a great way … Continue reading

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Classy Nerdy Art

This week, we look into the art gallery once more, this time combining the Victorian art style with the ancient art of “plumbarius”. This piece of Mario art re-imagines some of the basic pieces of the Super Mario games. The change to … Continue reading

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