Video Game Art Piece: Starfox

Reddit user RekoZep has taken note of all the classy video game art pieces, and decided to matte, frame, and mount one of his own. His video game art piece is a Feudal Japanese take on the Starfox franchise.

Everyone knows that clouds were just early versions of spaceships.

I have posted some pictures similar to this before in one of my earlier Classy Nerdy Art posts. That time it was a take on the Mario Kart series. Once again, this nod to classic video games works well because it plays off of the popularity and distinctiveness of the game, with relying on people understanding the reference. Those who get it will get it, but it is still worth looking at for those who don’t understand.

Some quick research (see: first comment on Reddit) shows that a full collection of these works can be found at Ukiyo-e Heroes. The look and feel of the Feudal Japanese art works very well for both Starfox and Mario Kart, and the website has a couple more. Most are based off of Nintendo franchises, but I believe some Capcom ones are to be discovered as well (the Street Fighter piece may actually be too similar to the original game for my tastes).

In any case, this is another fine example of a way to be classy while still respecting your video game roots. Much respect and good vibes to RekoZep.


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