2-D Video Games Turned 3-D

I have been able to find a couple images online of 2-D video games that have been mocked up in a 3-D space. Reminiscent of Super Paper Mario, these screenshots take a new look at what is possible in the world of remakes.

Who wouldn’t pay good money to play that?

Another one I saw was the original Pokemon game turned into a 3-D model. This one almost constitutes as art, with the black and white pixel art bring anyone who played that game right back into it.

3-D Black and White games just don’t exist enough.

The style of these pictures has been seen in games before. Super Paper Mario is the most notable, which allowed you to switch perspectives from 2-D side scrolling to a behind the character down the path view.

Flat Stanley has never been so jealous.

The same technique was even used in the Classic racing mode in Excitebike 64:

Nintendo is really good about churning out original idea over and over again.

The most similar, however, was the PS3 exclusive 3-D Dot Game Heroes, which brought the 8-bit Zelda games we know and love into a pixelated 3-D wonderland. And remember, this was a year and a half before the Minecraft revolution changed the lives of nerds that never leave their basement.

Still better than what KFC does to their chickens.

What I am saying is, these games have been able to make it into production before, and with the exclusion of Excitebike 64, have managed to be pretty successful. Hopefully some group with enough desire, creative energy, and free time out there will be able to take these screenshots and develop them into the games we are desperate to play again without seeming like we are too old to ever move on.


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