Simple Is Classy: Tetris

If there is one video game that has defied all barriers, it has been Tetris. Ever since it was first invented in the English county of Wiltshire somewhere between 3000-2000 BC (ref), stacking blocks on other blocks for a purpose has captivated us.

An early concept design for Stonehenge.

Then there was a long period in block-placing histroy where no notable advances were made. That is, until some Russian guy named Alxey Pajitnov decided he wanted to make millions. So he decided to create one of the most brilliant uses for the newfangled computers that he could: a simple block dropping, line clearing, ever faster game called Tetris.

Yes, that does say “From Russia With Fun” at the bottom

Sadly, this man was Russian, and that means that what is now basically the best-selling digital game in history netted him nearly no money and about a million court cases trying to fight for it. However, his lack of profit has not stopped the rest of the world for taking his idea and trying to make our own money off of it. And there are some pretty sweet and classy ways to take advantage.

Bravespace has become the top-of-the-line manufacturer of Tetris-themed shelving. Their product is regarded as some very high-quality, and is designed for those who got really lucky with making money. Even the colorful Tetrad Flat comes in at a whopping $1,315. However, the bamboo shelving is one of the classiest video game furniture pieces to ever exist.

Colorful and Classy, but damned expensive.

In a more affordable sense, this sweet Tetris-themed silicone ice cube tray is a classy way to cool down your beverage.

These ones will disappear without needing a whole row.

There are a ton of shaped ice cube trays out there, and some of them are actually somewhat funny (gin and titonic ones are tragically hilarious). However, these still maintain simplicity, and because of that, they conform to the modern classiness, while still allowing you to be nerdy. However, I have not been able to find a cheap one of these online (the places I found charge a ridiculous amount for shipping). However, I’m sure at the right place and at the right time, you can find these pretty cheap.

If you are either super-nerdy or need a nightlight, then the Tetris lamp is right up your alley. As far as geometric light sources go, this has to be way up the list. This may fall a little further away from the classy side of things, but each one lights up independent of the others. That way, you can build yourself a new lamp every day. Head on over to Amazonto preorder this constructatble light set, available in October.

Construct a new lamp every day.

Finally, we have something that is classy and apparently is only a could-have been. This is a 3-D rendering, so unfortunately, unless you have a large amount of pottery skills, this one has eluded us. However, it does show the concept and class that can be achieved with the simple tetris shapes. The 4-block shapes aren’t going anywhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised to continue to see tetris-inspired pieces like this for quite some time.

Grow your plants in 90-degree style.




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