Kraken Zoidberg: Just Plain Nerdy Art

I found this awesome picture of a Kraken version of Dr. Zoidberg. I think I may have found my next canvas print, although this is very nerdy, and not really classy at all.

My name is Zoidberg! John &%@$!#* Zoidberg!

I really wish I knew where this originated from. I enjoy giving credit where credit is due, but apparently this has been making the round of the old interweb for quite some time. I found it on reddit a couple days ago, but while using this amazing internet tool called “Google” (spelling?), I was able to find traces of it as far back as 2008 (that’s half of an entire decade ago!).  It was probably created before that, and as big as a Futurama fan as I am, I am shocked I had never seen it before. If anyone knows who I cvan give proper credit to, please let me know! Otherwise, enjoy another auspicious piece of nerdy art.


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2 Responses to Kraken Zoidberg: Just Plain Nerdy Art

  1. The artist’s name is Matthew Simmons. He painted this somewhere around 2007 or 2008. He also has no idea this has been floating around the internet.

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