Classy Nerdy Art

This week, we look into the art gallery once more, this time combining the Victorian art style with the ancient art of “plumbarius”.

The trials and tribulations of the plumber in ancient Greece.

This piece of Mario art re-imagines some of the basic pieces of the Super Mario games. The change to Bullet Bill and his Bill BLaster seem to be the most significant, while the rest seem to have undergone more of a general stylization.

This once again falls into the “Cool To Look At, Not Cool To Hang On Your Wall” series. As classy as it is, it is a very obvious homage to the double-named plumber we all know and love. The Bioshock art piece can very easily be passed off as a simple city architecture piece, and the ability of it to be glazed over is what makes it so girlfriend/fiancé/wife-friendly. This one, however, might be best served as a background on your desktop.

However, this is a well-made piece of back-in-time video game art, and sure looks cool.


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