Goldeneye 007 Watch for only $007?

Once in a while, we are lucky enough to find something that falls into all 3 of our categories, Young, Cheap, and Classy. Today, we hit the jackpot. Apparently, there is a deal going on over at Artscow where you can make a custom watch face watch for only $7, and somebody (known online as Firespray) took the 7 to a whole new level.

The $007 Recreation

The Original James Bond Watch From Goldeneye on N64

This watch is instantly recognizable by anyone in our generation, and at such a low price, it’s hard to pass up. The watch, while not a perfect recreation of the original from the game,  still looks very close to accurate for being so easily obtained. Of course, your Goldeneye watch won’t be an actual computer screen, won’t be able to track your health and body armor levels, shoot lasers, or let you change your control setup. However, you will look good, and it does tell the time accurately.

For details on how to get your own, check out the directions found here.


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