How To Have A Good Lunch Without Spending Money: Lean Cuisine

Let’s face it, when you are young, you don’t want to make your lunch before work. That takes way too much time and effort, and if you aren’t great at planning, it can actually be very expensive. I found a very good solution to this problem, though: Lean Cuisine.

Cheap and Delicious

You can usually find these guys for around $2 per lunch, which puts you total lunch budget at just over $10 for the week. The best part is, they are hot meals that you can’t really mess up. They have a ton of different varieties, enough to where you don’t get sick of them right away, and they are quick and easy meals you can eat in a break room, at your desk, or wherever good times are had.

Only two and a half minutes from delicious food.

They may look not so great when you first look at them, but after a little bit of time in the microwave, some of them look surprisingly close to the image on the box. They taste pretty good for microwave meals, are moderately good for you (340 calories, 7g of fat), and their short cook time gives you the most amount of free time for lunch.

Pop it in and let the radiation do its work.

You will have a cheap lunch that will still let you sleep in late, give you plenty of free time during your lunch break, and won’t break the bank. You can even take the money you saved and treat yourself to a Chipotle lunch once a week.

The final delicious product, pretty close to the image on the box.

The list of good Lean Cuisine Lunches:

  • Wood Fire Style BBQ Pizza
  • Wood Fire Style Garlic Chicken Pizza
  • Traditional Deluxe Pizza
  • Chicken Club Panini
  • Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt
  • Philly-style Steak and Cheese Panini
  • Steak, Cheddar, & Mushroom Panini
  • Sun Dried Tomato Basil Chicken Flatbread Melt

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