Bioshock Canvas Art: Rapture Concept Art

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Canvas Wraps and how classy they were, and how often they can be found on things like Google Offers, Living Social, etc. I recently received my order, and here it is:

My Bioshock Rapture Canvas Wrap Art

I decided on Bioshock because it is one of my favorite franchises, it has lots of available concept art, and I really enjoyed the setting while playing the game. The underwater utopia was a great place to start for a piece of art, and then it was as simple as finding a high-res picture, cropping it, and submitting it.

Here it is, hanging from my wall.

As you can see, the canvas I went with is somewhat shiny, but the colors came through really good. However, I do have some more tips that I want to share, based off mistakes I made. First off, I left way too much dark space at the bottom, and not enough bright color in the top. I should have cropped the picture up further so that I wouldn’t have as much unused dark space at the bottom. I also forgot thabout how far they actually pull the wrap, and one of my buildings goes off the top of the picture and wraps around. Can’t tell if I like that part or not yet, but I thought that part of the art was worth mentioning.

Close up shows how reflective my print is, and gives good picture detail.

As you can see above, the canvas I got is very reflective. That is the flash from my iPhone causing that bright spot, and it blocks that whole section out. However, you can see how detailed the picture of Rapture is, and gives a good look at the colors.

Shown hanging on my wall, for size reference. Note the horse on the shelf below.

The size of my print was 16″x20″ and takes up a pretty big chunk of the space between the window and the wall. From here, it looks like any other piece of scenery art, but to the trained eye, they will understand the subtle reference to Bioshock hidden in an otherwise classy piece of canvas wall art.


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5 Responses to Bioshock Canvas Art: Rapture Concept Art

  1. Corry says:

    I have to say I have been looking for canvases for bioshock of a long time and this is a good one. Are you planing on making more to sell? I would be very interested if the price was right and of course if you fix the problems you found out through this one. Great job man.

  2. Corry says:

    Now that is a good question, considering there is just soooo much in the bioshock game as you know. Wow I have no idea man you would have to let me think about it for the rest of the week I’ll get back to you on Monday the 23 about what I want (it will most likely be a copy of yours if I can’t find something else really good). I don’t know if you want to talk about this here or more private but what is your price for one that size and would you be able to make it one more size bigger lets say 20×20 and what would the price for that be? It all really depends on the price to be honest man because if it’s not reasonable I won’t be interested.

    • nicholasprau says:

      Well, as far as price goes, I bought mine through a Google Offer. This usually has a standard size to go along with it, and changing size means a large increase in payment. However, if you have a size you want, I can keep an eye out for a deal on it. I would say that I could get one shipped to your house for under $50, and that would be for a 16″x20″. Right now, since I am not a company or anything, I wouldn’t really feel comfortable taking any money from you for it. I will, however, walk you through the steps on how to get one, and how to make it look good. I’ll work on some pieces and shoot you an email with the ideas, then it is a simple process of buying the Offer, going to the website, uploading that picture and ordering it. I might be able to get you some ideas by tonight, you let me know if there is something specific you would like included from the game in your art. (Big Daddy, Architecture, Water, etc.)

      • Corry says:

        Ok man sounds good I mean I understand you not feeling comfortable and I will respect that but I’m sure you know there are ways like PayPal? Anyway I will take your help in any way shap or form man because yours looks great. I will be waiting for your email reply. By the way I would like a 20×20 frame but I will settle for a 16×20 if that’s all there is. You should know though that I’m really not good at these type of projects which is why I was hopefully of you selling them.

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