Canvas Wraps at Google Offers: A Cheap Way to Get Classy Nerdy Art

Google Offers: Galley-Wrapped Canvas Prints

The link above will take you to Google Offers, a page similar to Groupon/LivingSocial where people give away deals in exchange for promotion. One of the more popular services I see is gallery-wrapped canvas prints, or Canvas Wraps. You can take any picture you want, have it printed on canvas, and hang it on your wall for all to see. It is very classy right now, and it is a good way to get your video game nerdiness on without having to buy a $1,200 Earthbound Poster from eBay.

The best way to stay classy (and not offend the girlfriend) is to pick a game you really like, and find a piece of concept art for it that you enjoy. Concept art is stylized, and always looks better than just taking a screenshot from the game. The concept art not only is designed to give art direction, but also feel for the game, so it works on two levels. Otherwise, any of the previous Nerdy Art I have posted will work excellent (I suggest the Super Mario Brother 2 Art).

Once you have found what you like, make sure it is of HIGH RESOLUTION. Nothing is less classy than something that is grainy/blurry, and not on purpose. Go to Google Images, and on the left hand side, make sure you limit your search to “Large” size to avoid getting thumbnails and other unusable images. Then, make sure you crop the photo to remove any logos/watermarks, as those will take away from your art piece.

When you go to submit, remember, the print is stretched around the outside of the canvas, so make sure nothing you care about is close to the edges. Then, for the cheap price of $30-40, you can have your own classy piece of customized art that won’t make your Media Lounge look like a dorm room. I am ordering my print tonight, and will post pictures as soon as I get it. If you have any classy pieces of video game art, send me a link, and if I like it, I’ll share it!


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