Retro-Futurism: My Favorite Style

This s far and away one of my favorite styles. It is featured heavily in some of my favorite things (Futurama, Portal 2), and is just different enough to sneak away from steam-punk, accepted enough to have a lot of stuff dedicated to it, and obscure enough that I don’t feel like I am latching onto a trend. This may also be part of the illusion I have created for myself, but hey, I’m happy.

Retro-Futurism Hover Car

When Are We Going To Start Driving This Bad Boy To Work?

This closely follows the Vintage Style trend, which I must admit I take part in. I own throwback baseball and hockey tees constantly. The old-meets new and new-from-old combinations are able to maintain that “what-if” feeling that is almost gone today because we live in the most amazing time. Everything I thought we would have when I was young, we have now. We have screens in our pockets that have every answer and give us directions to wherever we want to go, and pretty soon we will have lame glasses that do it for us. But the old future had hovercars that looked like The Jetsons; nothing was shaped aerodynamically or within the confines of science. We just though of something, and that was the future. It was that unbound, uneducated guessing that made the era, and gave it some really adventurous styles.

Retro-futurism Car Design

Who doesn’t want to own one of these things?

I would like to stress that I am happy with how the future turned out, and that in no way do I think that we should be flying cars like that around. But I really enjoy that we have been able to keep the old style going with even more new ideas that look like old ideas of what people thought new ideas were going to maybe look like.


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