Classing It Up, While Keeping It Real

A good way to be classy and nerdy is to take things ideas from things you are nerdy about (like video games, movies, etc.), and make a new version of them that is aesthetically upgraded. Putting a Donkey Kong poster on your wall, for example: you make think it’s art, but nobody will be impressed by that. The art is too obvious. You have to have something that makes reference to your interest, but does not shout about it. Shouting isn’t classy.

Take, for example, this painting (credit ~Bewheel):
It takes something really nerdy (the character select screen from Super Mario Brothers 2), and disguises it with design and aesthetics. Many people would look at this and just see a piece of art, and that’s exactly what you want them to see. Again, you are trying to be classy here. But the key is that the right people will know that it’s nerdy; people that get it will get it, and people that don’t will still be impressed. And then, you have a piece of something nerdy that works to all crowds.

So keep these tips in mind as you grow and become aged like the fine Scotched Whiskey you are. Don’t over-do it; be subtle, be classy, and stay true to your roots. Those who care will take notice.


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I am an SEO Specialist at First Scribe in Minneapolis, MN. I maintain youth while being an adult. Media, games, movies, happiness, music, life, class.
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