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FS Blog: Google Places is Now Goole+ Local

I just wrote an article for my work talking about the new Google+ Local. Go see it!

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Retro-Futurism: My Favorite Style

This s far and away one of my favorite styles. It is featured heavily in some of my favorite things (Futurama, Portal 2), and is just different enough to sneak away from steam-punk, accepted enough to have a lot of … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2: You would have to be insane to buy this…

They recently announced the Borderlands 2 Insane Edition, and they really got the name right. Who in the world wants this much stuff, or was pleased enough with the ending of the first game to want to drop whatever ridiculous … Continue reading

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Fun With Phonics

God Of War > Wod of Gar > Wad of Gore Switch the first letters and pronounce it the same, and it describes the game you are playing! Also, it is much better than Wads of Gwar, which are smelly … Continue reading

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Anchorman 2: A Rough Start

I like things from the past. I like when they update things from the past. But this reveal trailer for Anchorman 2 leaves so much to be desired. When Anchorman came out, I thought it was hilarious. The lines from … Continue reading

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Classing It Up, While Keeping It Real

A good way to be classy and nerdy is to take things ideas from things you are nerdy about (like video games, movies, etc.), and make a new version of them that is aesthetically upgraded. Putting a Donkey Kong poster on your … Continue reading

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Valve and Apple: How they could shape the future

As we all know, the meeting between Apple’s Tim Cook and Valve’s Gabe Newell never actually happened. However, anyone who writes love to speculate (it’s very easy in my opinion). So, even if the meeting didn’t happen, here is why … Continue reading

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Thin Diagonal Stripes: The new design craze?

I have found three instances of thin diagonal stripes since I got to work this morning. 1. Background on the page we just launched. 2. iPhone Icons 3. My pants from Express Is this the new design trend? “That … Continue reading

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Disney Goes Cray-cray with Touché Touch Technology

This is just ridiculous. So many applications.

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Playstation All Stars Battle Royale: Wishlist

UPDATE (6/7/12) New Characters shown at E3, wishlist updated thanks to Giant Bomb reminding me about Blasto! UPDATE (5/21/12) New characters leaked by Eric Ladin, so I am checking off the wishlist as they are announced. Being a Playstation guy ever since … Continue reading

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